Board of Directors

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The Board of Directors of
Hawcoat Park Ltd (company number 06464690), and
Hawcoat Park Supporters Ltd (company number 09591966) is:

Paul Anton Burns
Chair of the Board.
Appointed 2012.
Paul is responsible for sports development, sponsorship, and grants.

Allan Artis
Appointed 2012.
Allan is responsible for buildings development and maintenance.

Michael Thomas Clarke
Appointed 2012.
Michael (Nobby) is responsible for grounds maintenance.

Andrew Simon James Kent
Appointed 2014.
Andrew has no specific responsibilities.

Neil John Fleming
Appointed 2017.
Neil is responsible for club membership, and managing the website.

Richard Arthur Shaw
Appointed 2017.
Richard (Dick) is responsible for health & safety, and liaison with club sections.

Elizabeth Diane Christian
Appointed 2018.
Elizabeth (Liz) is responsible for managing the club accounts.

John Graham Wilson
Appointed 2018.
John has no specific responsibilities.

Secretary to the Board is Carmen Sayle.

Apply to join the Board

Any club member who wishes to join the Board is welcome to apply at any time. The Board is always interested in broadening the range of skills and interests represented. Please note that Board members are expected to take an active role in the running of the club, which requires a serious committment of time and energy.