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Privacy & Security

Hawcoat Park Sports Club cannot be held responsible for loss or corruption of your personal data caused by your use of obsolete or unmaintained operating systems and browsers. If you are using an unmaintained operating system or browser, please DO NOT log in to the Hawcoat Park website, as you could compromise the security of your own personal information, as well as information belonging to the club and other members. Additionally, you may find the website behaves unpredictably. Examples of obsolete operating systems are Windows XP and Vista. Windows 7 and 8 are end of life, and will shortly be obsolete. Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 are all obsolete. If you are using a PC, we recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11 or above, or another modern browser such as Chrome 49, Firefox 43, or Opera 34. If you are using an Apple device, then we recommend iOS 11.1 or above, but older versions of iOS should be fine, as long as you are still receiving and installing iOS security updates.