Membership Levels

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Associate Membership of Hawcoat Park Sports Club is required for individuals to take part in any Section led activity. Players can be trialled by Sections without a membership being required but once regular appearances are being made the necessary membership will be required (back dated to the month in which participation began). Where Junior memberships are covered by team payments, membership forms are still required for all participants in Section sports.

Associate Membership does not provide voting rights at the Club AGM. Only Guarantor members are entitled to vote at the Club AGM. The Board of Directors for Hawcoat Park Ltd would encourage people to sign up to become Guarantors provided they are over 18 and hold a current Associate Membership.

Non-members are welcome to participate in the social aspects of the club, and membership is not required for access to the bar and lounge. Non-members are also permitted on site if they have booked the use of a facility, or are attending an organised event. The Board would like to draw attention to the fact that members enjoy preferential rates over the bar on production of their membership card.

All membership fees go towards the running costs of the club facilities.

Membership Levels & Definitions – 2017 onward

In accordance with Hawcoat Park Ltd’s Rules and Bye-laws, subscriptions are due in advance and are payable on acceptance, and thereafter on the 1st January each year.

The Board allows for renewal payments to be made throughout January but would remind individuals that and payments received on 1st February or later will be subject to a £5 administration fee which is additional to the fees quoted below. A renewal is required when a fee was paid during the previous membership year.

New members are accepted on the basis that they pay a pro-rata fee based on the month in which their participation begins.

Full Member – £70 per annum

The holder is entitled to participate in league and section led activities. Also allows recreational use, subject to availability, of Bowling Greens, and Table Tennis. Shooting and Archery can also be used with the necessary supervision. These together with the social aspects of the club at no additional charge.

Social Member – £30 per annum

The holder is entitled to use all social aspects with no additional charge. Use of sporting areas such as bowling greens will occasion an additional charge. Note, player representation for a section will require the appropriate payment as a Full Member status.

Retired Member – £30 per annum

The holder is entitled to the same privileges as a Full Member but at a concessionary rate for all members of State Statutory Pensionable age. Individuals who are entitled to this concession will have dates of birth that are earlier than those shown below.

Men: 01/01/1951 and Women 06/06/1953

Student Member – £30 per annum

The holder is entitled to the same privileges as a Full Member but at a concessionary rate. Student members are school year 12 and above and must be in full time education. Written proof of full time education must be provided with any membership application.

Unemployed Member – £30 per annum

The holder is entitled to the same privileges as a Full Member but at a concessionary rate. Written proof of unemployment may be requested.

U16 Member – No Fee

The holder is entitled to the same privileges as a full member (except voting rights) but at a concessionary rate. This membership type covers all children in school year 11 and below. There will be no fee required as payments will be covered by a section payment by team. To be clear this membership is available to children who have a date of birth of 1st September 1999 to present.


Note 1: Junior Memberships are granted on the basis that the Junior Member is supervised at all times whilst on the club premises by an adult Member.

Note 2: Individuals utilising the club as a base for personal training/ keep fit who have no affiliation to a specific Section will be required to be a Full Member.

Note 3: Concessionary rates applicable to age ranges will be granted only on provision of dates of birth and the club will reserve the right to ask for proof if felt necessary.

Note 4: Concessionary rates applicable to age ranges are determined strictly by the members age as of 1st January – the beginning of the membership year.

Note 5: All subscriptions are annual and are due complete for the membership year, regardless of whether a member leaves during the membership year or is unable to play due to injury.

Note 6: New members joining through the course of a membership year are entitled to pay a pro rata fee based on the month of joining.

Note 7: Non-members are entitled to use the club bar and lounge during normal opening hours. Non-members may book specific facilities, and will be granted access to those facilities during the times covered by the bookings, or when attending an organised event. Non-members are not entitled to be present in the Sports Club building or grounds at any other time. Club management and staff may ask non-members to leave the premises if they have no valid reason to be on site.

Associate membership forms should be completed in full and returned to the following address.

Membership Applications
Hawcoat Park Sports Club
Hawcoat Lane
Barrow in Furness
LA14 4HF

Cheques should be made payable to: “Hawcoat Park Sports Club”.