Subscription Types

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Membership of Hawcoat Park Sports Club is required for individuals to take part in any Section led activity. Players can be trialled by Sections without a subscription being paid, but once regular appearances are being made the necessary subscription will become due.

Non-members are welcome to participate in the social aspects of the club, and membership is not required for access to the bar. Non-members are also permitted on site if they have booked the use of a facility, or are attending an organised event. Adult members earn loyalty points for any purchase at the bar, on production of their membership card.

The prices shown below are applicable from 1st January 2019.


£ 82 Annually
  • Play for any section
  • Use all sports facilities
  • Use all social facilities
  • Discounted venue hire
  • Bar loyalty scheme


£ 36 Annually
  • Join any section
  • Fee for sports facilities
  • Use all social facilities
  • Discounted venue hire
  • Bar loyalty scheme


£ 41 Annually
  • Play for any section
  • Use all sports facilities
  • Use all social facilities
  • Discounted venue hire
  • Bar loyalty scheme

Under 18

£ 41 Annually
  • Play for any section
  • Use all sports facilities
  • Use all social facilities
  • Discounted venue hire

There is no sign-up fee for new subscriptions. Automated renewals (credit/debit card, direct debit, and BAE Systems payroll) are payable at the prevailing annual or quarterly rate, with no further administration fee being required.

All members who continue to pay manually are strongly encouraged to change to an automated payment method to help the club make better use of its limited administrative resources.

If you are not already registered as a user on this website, click the green button to join now. If you are already registered, please log in, and then visit the Shop to purchase a subscription.

Family Memberships

A discount will be automatically applied to your family subscriptions if you buy two or more at the same time, for example, for yourself and other family members. Each family member must be registered individually on the website, and you should enter their registered email address(es) when purchasing multiple subscriptions. The payments will be automatically applied to their accounts for as long as you wish to keep paying for them. Discounts are applied on multiple subscriptions as follows:

Number of family subscriptionsDiscount
6 or morePlease contact the club manager

Please contact us if you wish to pay 6 or more family member subscriptions.

Subscription Terms and Conditions

Membership subscriptions are due in advance and are payable on acceptance, and thereafter annually or quarterly as preferred. Note that renewals become due exactly 1 year, or 3 months, as applicable, after the initial payment. The old system where all subscription renewals took place in January no longer applies.

Discounts are available for members who pay online for multiple family member subscriptions at the same time. Discount rates are applied automatically at the checkout.

Please contact us if you pay via the BAE Systems payroll and wish to change to online payment.

New members who wish to pay annually are accepted on the basis that their annual subscription starts on the day when they make their first payment, and further payments become due either quarterly, or annually on the anniversary of their initial payment.

You can change your subscription type at any time via your My Account page. For example, to move from a Full subscription to a Social or Pensioner subscription. Your next subscription will automatically be charged at the correct rate.

Annual Review of Subscription Rates

Subscription rates will be adjusted on the 1st January each year, at the discretion of the Hawcoat Park Board. Where there are no other significant driving factors, the basis of any changes will be the Consumer Price Inflation (CPIH) annual percentage published by the UK Office for National Statistics in the November of the preceding year (covering October to October). CPIH is a measure of consumer price inflation, which also includes a measure of housing costs. See ONS website.


Note 1: Under 18 Memberships are granted on the basis that the Under 18 Member is supervised at all times whilst on the club premises by an adult Member.

Note 2: Individuals using the club as a base for personal training/ keep fit who have no affiliation to a specific Section will be required to be a Full Member.

Note 3: Concessionary rates applicable to age ranges will be granted only on provision of dates of birth and the club will reserve the right to ask for proof if felt necessary.

Note 4: Concessionary rates applicable to age ranges are determined strictly by the members age as of 1st January in the calendar year for which the subscription applies.

Note 5: Subscriptions can be paid annually (on the anniversary of the initial payment), or quarterly (3 months after the preceding payment) if paid by an automatically recurring payment method.

Note 6: New members may join at any time, will pay the full subscription due at the prevailing rate, on an annual or quarterly basis.

Note 7: Non-members are entitled to use the club bar and lounge during normal opening hours. Non-members may book specific facilities, and will be granted access to those facilities during the times covered by the bookings, or when attending an organised event. Non-members are not entitled to be present in the Sports Club building or grounds at any other time. Club management and staff may ask non-members to leave the premises if they have no valid reason to be on site.

Note 8: Membership does not provide voting rights at the Club AGM. Only Guarantor Members are entitled to vote at the Club AGM. The Board of Directors for Hawcoat Park Ltd would encourage people to sign up to become Guarantors provided they are over 18 and hold a current Membership.

Written Correspondence

Written correspondence, including cheque payments, should be sent to the following address. DO NOT send cash in the post.

Hawcoat Park Sports Club
Hawcoat Lane
Barrow in Furness
LA14 4HF

Cheques should be made payable to: “Hawcoat Park Sports Club”.