From: £5.00 every 3 months

Pay your subscription annually or quarterly. Please make a recurring payment by card or direct debit if possible, as it significantly reduces the club’s administration overhead.


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Signup fees and subscription renewals

There is a no sign-up fee for new subscriptions. If you pay by credit/debit card, direct debit, or BAE Systems payroll, your renewal payments will be taken automatically at the prevailing annual or quarterly rate, with no further administration fee being charged. You will receive a receipt for each successful payment, or a notification if your payment has failed. Your subscription and payment information will be automatically recorded in your “My Account” page (excluding payments made via BAE Systems payroll).

All members who continue to pay manually are strongly encouraged to change to an automated payment method to help the club make better use of its limited administrative resources.

Changes to subscription types and payment methods

You can change or cancel your subscription or change your payment method at any time via your “My Account” page, or by contacting the club manager. You can change between automatic and manual renewals at any time without having to give notice. Note that we do not issue partial refunds of subscriptions, unless a payment has been made in error. For example, if you change from a Full subscription to a Pensioner subscription, your next payment will be made at the prevailing Pensioner rate.

Membership emails

Please note that by subscribing you are deemed to have consented to receive essential membership emails, including order receipts and renewal reminders.